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Exercise and back pain?

Can anyone help, iv taken a while out of exercise as I was seriously struggling with my back, started exercise again this week and all Iv done is two days and my back is killing me.. Does anyone else get excruciating back pain made worse by exercise?


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I don't exercise so don't know if it'd be made worse by it but my back is complete agony, I honestly dunno how I get through my days!!


Ok, thanks. Where is you back pain? I get a lot of lower back pain but then every so often at the top nearer my shoulders will start to pain too, not sure if it's just general or to do with endo.x


Yes, mines constant lower back pain. &its quite unbareable. Then sometimes i'll get a bit of pain between my shoulder blades. I'm not sure if it's endo related or not, it hurts to touch it so my Dr is sending me for physio as she said it shouldn't hurt to touch. I work as a carer in a residential home so obv that doesn't help but I can't take time off.. x


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