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Ovulation pain! Is this normal?

Hello ladies

I believe I ovulated earlier this week however following this iv had bad back ache low dons and central for about 4 days and yesterday it was really bad. I have also been exaperiencing bad headaches this week and very tired. I also had a few dull aches and cramps. I can off injections last year for endo and my periods have been normal the past 3 months roughly. I believe I ovulated due to discharge being stretchy and clear but then the next few days creamy and watery. I just dt feel great. Is this normal with ovulation? Thanks x

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Hi I'm off injection since sept my period arrived 12 weeks bang on after the last injection first period was ok was due again the end of October and when through the same side effects as u it was not nice but no period followed ! I made appointment with the consultion and he found that my left ovary had moved to back of my womb and thinks that's what's cause the back pain. There can be lots of reasons you are suffering so bad around ovulation are u on the mini pill I believe it can help ? Maybe ask for an internal ultra sound to see what's going on .hope u get some answers don't suffer in silence x.


Thanks for your reply. I am not on anything at present as I wish to try for a baby soon. My back ache is still here and doesn't seem to be settling. It took me nearly a year for my periods to return properly after coming off injection they say it's takes 3-6months for it to get out your system hun so sorry you suffering with pain also. Thanks x


I was on DEPO injection for 5 years and it gave me the best pain free 5 yrs (out of the last 14 yrs of having endo) I came off it last September & by january my period had returned to normal (inbetween 28 & 31 day cycles) I dont suffer much pain at all during the actual period, however when ovulating, I suffer with back, leg, & abdominal pain, frequent urinating, sore boobs, headaches, tiredness. All my suffering appars to be around ovulation time. I was told after my 3rd op 3 yrs ago that my tubes were clubbed & have got the dye test tomorrow to see just how blocked they are.

Im not holding out much hope & dreading it to be honest! Good Luck with TTC, I feel your pain xxxxxx


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