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Any advise or comments great fully received!

Hi All, well where do I start!! In August 2012 I was sterlised due to having BIG problems after having my children. So decided I want my life more than I wanted anymore kids, well 6 mtgs down the line I started having extreme pain on my left side like someone was shoving a knife in me. Rang GP and she said in my post op notes I have slight endometriosis. So I managed putting up with theses pains, since October it has been getting worse. I went back to my GP and he said it there was a regularity in the pains (I have mirena in) which there isn't so went back to GP on 31st Oct so he referred me to have a internal ultra sound scan. I had that today and they couldn't find any signs of endo but they said because I don't have periods they might see anything anyway. So I've got to wait a week to see my GP to find out what the next step is. I really don't fancy having a Lap being done cos I had enough pain after my op August last year.

Sorry for the essay.


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When my pain started I knew it was endo as my sister has it but I had a lot of tests as the doctor's wouldn't diagnose as was not visible on any scans. I had a lap and they found it and took it out which has given me relief. It may be worth having the lap to get relief as well as answers


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