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Please help with symptoms

Ive recently been experiencing a lot of pain in my thighs, legs, and hips before and whilst on my period, is this a common sign of endometriosis? I've been referred to a gynecologist where they did a pelvic scan and found no abnormalities but seem very reluctant to do any further tests. My mum was diagnosed with endometriosis in her early 20s. Im 25, healthy weight. My cycle is between 27 and 28 but this month it was 31 days and the pain has come back twice as bad, I've had to call in sick today, I work in an office and I cannot sit for very long when I get this pain. Other symptoms I experience are: headaches, painful periods, blood clots approx the size of a 50p, IBS only around my period. I read something about sciatic endometriosis. Thank you in advance

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Yes, I get this too on the left hand side of my body by the sciatic nerve. Very uncomfortable and it doesn't always just happen with my cycle. Also get pain in left arm and migraine headaches.

I hope you feel better soon.


Sorry dear but this does sound like you have endo :( I would suggest you ask for a gynea referral asap so they can get you diagnosed and on treatment before it gets any worse for you x


Thank you both for your feedback, I'm seeing a gynecologist at the moment but they just don't seem interested, my last visit was in September and I burst into tears when i left, I felt like they just didn't care or understand the pain I was going through. They keep saying about if I become pregnant that things might get better but we've just found out my husband has a low sperm count so doubt that will happen anytime soon. I'll make another appointment and push for more testing, thank you x


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