Two things - nurse very keen to get me first slot 4 LAP and concern with airway management? Wondering why?

I was just wondering if anyone knows why the nurse assessing me for the lap was so keen to get me in as early as possible in the day and then back out again? I'm disabled but only use one stick. She wanted to get me into a morning slot but couldn't and so said she would make sure I was the first one in the afternoon - she was very definite about it. Now, I'm very pleased to be first up and hopefully get out of the hospital at a reasonable time but I stupidly didn't ask why she was so keen for me to be first. I didn't ask for it and can't help but wonder why I should come before anyone else? All my other problems, whilst painful enough, aren't life threatening. Maybe I'd just be a hazard? She did seem keen to prevent my staying the night (very happy not to of course). Secondly, I have a small jaw and can't open my mouth very wide and so I have to go to a different hospital as this one doesn't have the equipment for the right airway management. I had a bad reaction to the oxygen/nasal cannula during an endoscopy (painful sinuses and regular sneezing for 5 days or so) so I had previously mentioned this to my gynae at an appointment a couple of weeks ago who said I'd have a face mask. So why the issue with the airway? Does anyone know? I was feeling rather detached and unwell on the day of the pre-op assessment. I often get like this during medical interviews as I suffer with anxiety and depression. This time I didn't question anything, which I always used to do, but it all seemed to happen so quickly. Any information would be welcome. Thank you.

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  • You can phone up the pre-op staff nurse and as her to explain why, but I would guess that your previous track record puts you at higher risk of general anaesthetic complications so the anaesthetist would be needing to make extra special arrangements for you, rather than there being any extra risk in regard to the surgery side of things from what you say. I am no expert, but ther staff nurses that have done my pre-ops have always said call them with any worries or concerns before the big day. So I would suggest you call them if for no other reason than to relieve your anxiety.

  • I think she was just trying to be helpful, in my experience the staff know its stressful going in hospital and waiting and waiting for your turn to go down to surgery, not being able to eat etc. with my ops I'm always keen to get in and out as soon as and the nurses know that patients get anxious waiting. Also, if patients ops take longer than expected it's possible other patients ops won't be done so you're guaranteed having your op the earlier you can get in. Also it gives them time in the day to monitor you afterwards as opposed to you either being sent home or being in ward at night when there's less staff. It seems with your circumstances being a little more complicated than some they are just being cautious to get you in and then monitored correctly. I wouldn't worry just be pleased you're in early! Hope all goes well x

  • Having worked as an Operating Department Practitioner I would say they want to see you early incase there are any.problems due to you small mouth and airway. Certainly from what you said this would have been the reason at the hospital I worked at. Ask the question if you are worried, but it sounds to me as though they are being cautious and doing the right things for you. Good luck with your surgery :-)

  • I just think anyone that isn't completely straight forward goes first, it's always people with heart issues and diabetics as a rule (I think) then people with tricky history's, my first lap was just a look around and I was last, my second I had a 4 hour theatre slot and needed a ton of stuff doing so I was 1st, and I reacted badly after both, nothing major just was in recovery for an hour as my heart rate was going a bit crazy, had to get my heart checked out at a later date. I had ivf recently and out of 8 ladies I was 2nd for egg collection incase there were problems again (1st was a diabetic) dont worry just look at it as a positive. Good luck! Lauren xx

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