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Recovery time after Helica?

After 18months of tests I was finally given an appointment for a laparoscopy on 8th October...they found and burnt off endo on my left ovarian fossa and right pelvic wall. the first week after the op I could barely move, I was in severe pain. it's now 2 weeks since I had my operation and I can still hardly walk around and im in terrible pain constantly. I still have the pain in the exact same places as before the op, only now it is much worse.

has anyone else experienced this after an op? and if so, did it eventually die down and get better? im really scared it wont stop and ive already had about 10weeks off work this year because I've been physically unable to go to work...

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Hey! I had a lap in Aug 2011. Had a cyst removed, adhesions and a lot of Endo lasered and excised. However, during the op I sustained damage to my main artery. Thought it was repaired. Taken to. Recovery. 2 hours later critically ill, returned to theatre for life saving operation and 12 pints of blood. Home after 5 days....then a dvt, and then had had a massive pelvic infection set up that required 8 courses of antibiotics and a lap in march 12. I taken me to Jan 13 to feel any kind of better. Went back to work after 3 weeks of first op but then in and out of work cos so ill and needed treatment and hospitalised. All left me majorly traumatised and severe depression. Now on anti depressants. i didn't sign up to any of this 2 years ago! Life changing.



What you've described is exactly how I have been after my major laps. I have had just had 2 major laps (August and October) and at 2 weeks post op have still been in a lot of pain and not been able to stand up or walk properly. I saw my GP at about 2.5 weeks post lap in August and i was waking up in raw pain every night, she said it was completely to be expected and was still early days and would improve. She was right and by week 6 post op I was not really in any pain and only having the odd painkiller. I don't think its anything to worry about, because its small wounds on the outside its deceptive, the wounds and healing inside is much bigger and will take a while to heal. If you are in shocking pain then definitely try phoning your GP to get checked out but if its manageable with decent painkillers (I'm doing ok with 60mg codeine x 4 a day at the mo) then you should find it will improve over the next week. Wishing you a speedy recovery x



Don't worry the pain will get less with time. I had an ovary and tube removed due to a large cyst and had pain up to 6 weeks after the key hole surgery. Now I just get the odd twinge. I walked gently for about 20 - 30 mins everyday to prevent adhesions and did a bit of housework pacing myself because when I did too much I got pain and bleeding. You must rest in between chores and really take good care of yourself. Think positively and if after 6 weeks you are still in pain then see the doc/gynae, I took 6 weeks off work and work 4 hours a day 4 times a week now as an 8.5 hour shift as a catering assistant is too much now. I did get some pain when I went back and had to rest when I could.I will pray for you.


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