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Did your endometriosis return after having children?

Having suffered terribly from endometriosis in the past and having a horrible time whilst trying to conceive, I am now wondering what my best course of action is. I have been fairly pain free for the past 7 year whilst I was eventually lucky enough to have 3 children. Since then I have had the implant in for 3 years which although has possibly kept symptoms in check, I have felt some return of the old pain. My implant has jut been removed and have been put on cerazette. I would rather not be on the pill at all but am scared of my pain returning to how it was pre children. Has anyone had reduced symptoms after having children and managed without treatment? Which pill/ treatment method do people find most effective in preventing the build up of symptoms? Any replies would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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It has not been so for me. I am shortly to have my 3rd lap, for me symptoms got really bad after I stopped breast feeding my second child. Then got a diagnosis of endo with Laparoscopy. Since had child no. 3 and endo came back again. Had another lap 2 years ago and about to have 3rd lap in Dec. hope it is different for you!


I'm afraid it hasn't helped me either - I've got one son. I think I had bowel endo before he arrived. I also had my over removed years ago. It has just gotten progressively worse over time. Sorry I can't give more positive feedback on this one! :o(


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