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Help - Does anyone feel sick and vomit during other times of the month?

Hi everyone - I hope you might be able to help me. I've been feeling sick and vomited once during other times of the month. Does anyone else experience this? I don't think my consultant knows why this is happening but I can only assume that its because I've been on some form of contraceptive for 30 years and have been off it for 3 months.

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HI hun I feel sick every single day, and can sympathise with you i drink ginger beer and always have polos too. A few friends have told me to go and get anti sickness pills as they are suppose to be good. I know quite a few who have these and it maybe the pill or the endo but its not uncommon as have heard of it often. So try not to worry as that will make it worse xxx


Hi, I experience this on a weekly basis, 3times last week I was nauseous and sick, and once so far this week. I take anti sickness meds which help now and again. I do feel your pain as I know it wears me down every month.


I also get a lot of nausea although I'm only sick quite rarely, I nearly always feel sick. Motion makes me worse so any travel is difficult and I have to take anti-sickness drugs. I also find that ginger beer or biscuits help. I try not to think about it as it makes me worse but it is difficult to feel it all the time. I was also on the pill for over 20 years after being put on it as a teenager due to my periods - now realise it was endo but I came off the pill 3 years ago so may just be part of the endo. I guess internal bleeding is quite likely to make you feel sick!


thank you so much ladies for responding to my cry for help - putting my mind at rest and for your tips.

sorry that you all feel ill as well.



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