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Familiar pain has returned after 2nd surgery for endo. Is this to be expected so soon???

Hello everyone, I had my second surgery for removal of stage 4 endo and Novosure procedure done also in May this year. I've been really well after the surgery, managed to start running again and enjoying having renewed energy! However this week I've ovulated and I've had all the familiar pains back, swollen stomach and total lack of energy. Can it be back so soon? I understand from my surgeon that they removed as much as possible. Please help! I felt like I had my life back, and don't want to lose it to pain and lethargy.

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Same happened to me. I have had various surgeries over the years. I had a hysteroscopy and laparoscopy several years ago to find and remove extensive endo and widespread adhesions glueing my ovary to bowel and fallopian tube stump previously removed had also stuck. They removed 'as much as was possible' due to proximity to bowel. This means they probably left some as it would be unsafe to remove due to risk of perforation. I had pain relief it was wonderful initially but it crept back. I tried Zoladex injections with HRT but that didn't work leading gyne to think adhesions were now more my problem.

To this day I am still having bad pain and it effects my bowels and bladder. I have low back and hip pain and night pain when bladder and bowels fill during the night, causing nerve pain as adhesions pull on other organs. Can't bear tight waistbands due to right pelvic 'deep' pinching. I think my bowel has restuck to ovary or pelvic wall and my Gp says this is a strong possibility too. Trouble is more surgery means more adhesions that is the stumbling block. I just live on pain meds and sleep tablets, whilst I decide if more major surgery is a risk worth taking!


Thank you for your reply. I have endo on my bowel and ureters which is difficult to operate on, some was lasered but I guess it's come back. I had 6 months zoladex with HRT before my last op. So won't be having that again. Not so many options left now:(


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