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1st lap in 3 days can anybody answer my questions :-/

After 18 months of begging to see gynae I'm in there on wed 23rd it's come round a bit to fast for my liking, I'm a bit terrified now. I've a few questions someone has said bring some pad in case I bleed after, do they go up there or just through tummy? Anyone give me a idea what I should bring, I got told I'll be home same day but at pre op they said maybe over night, how long till I'm back to work (my job involves heavy lifting for 8hrs a day) ? Will I get told at hospital if anything found or have to wait till another appointment? Lastly any advice anyone can give me would be great x

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Hi, my consultant said same day but I couldn't stand as I nearly fainted every time, you will need pads as you do bleed a little, my post below may help on recovery as I think the consultants are not listening to their patients as recover seems much longer. Information from consultants depends some are good and some want to wait. If you have questions my advice will be to write them down for your post opp apt as you really will not comprehend most of what is said a day or two after due to general and drugs. Good luck x



I just had my first lap last Tuesday, I'm no expert but I can answer a few of your questions. :o)

You will need to bring pads with you, after all the rummaging around they do there will be some bleeding. I think this amount of bleeding will also depend on how much work they do but I'm not sure. Also, are you having a mirena fitted? If so they will obviously go 'up there' but otherwise I don't think they will unless it has been discussed with you for some reason.

I was told I would be in and out in the same day, unless there were any complications, which there weren't so I was home that evening. I was told to bring a few bits just in case I did need to be kept in but I decided not to...positive vibes! haha!

Be sure to b ring loose comfy clothes to wear home.

Did they give you any leaflets? I got given a stack of leaflets that told me everything about the hospital visit, the day ward and the hospital in general. They cover pretty much everything you need to know.

I am a teacher (small kids) so I booked two weeks off work and the third week is our mid-term break anyway. Some people say they go back to work within a few days to a week. Others say you should take weeks off. Every person is different but it's Sunday now, I had the lap Tuesday and I can't imagine going to work tomorrow. I still can't drive and I'm staying at my parents so that they can look after both me and my two small kids!

Even if you are healing well, they recommend that you don't do any heavy lifting, gardening, sport etc for at least 3-4 weeks so with your job you should at least take this amount of time off. (I know it can be hard to take so much time off work but your health comes first.)

After the lap, a doctor came around and gave me the jist of what they had done, but I was still woozy. He then said they would see me back in 6 months which I am still so upset and confused over. I don't get to discuss what they actually did and what's going on inside my own body for 6 months!!

My biggest piece of advice would be to have someone there with you if you can when the doctor comes around after. Have your list of questions ready and get a friend or relative to ask them for you as you may be still too groggy to ask them. I wish I had brought someone.

Well they are my personal answers to your questions but other ladies on this website have really good advice, they really are the experts when it comes to endo.

Check out this website, it's very helpful. This link gives you detailed advice about your lap.


I wish you well and don't be too nervous. It's scary but this may be the beginning of your journey to get well again. X

Feel free to ask me any more questions, it's so good to talk to people who are going through the same thing. :o)



Other people gave you some good advice already and I am sure you must have some leaflets from hospital. So I will give you my personal advice. I am recovering from 3rd lap now.

Take some waist loose clothes. Avoid wearing jeans! - I did on my first lap and I couldn't do up the button...I was lucky that I had long top:). They will put some gas in your tummy to investigate so when you wake up you feel bloated and you have cut on your belly and other bit (likely). I took loose leggins (old one which elastic is going:) and baggy top. Also loose underwear with same reason possibly the waist is between belly button and bikini line as the cut is on belly button and around bikini line so the underwear waist won't touch those cuts.

Take a overnight bag. It is a day case but I had to stay overnight on my 1st and 3rd lap. On my 1st lap my operation was about 1pm and I came out at reasonable time but I couldn't go to wee even 8pm so they didn't let me go home. I finally managed to wee around mightnight. On my 3rd lap my operation was at 5.30pm so I was too late to go home.

Take a pair of slip on sandals or shoes as you will have difficulty bending down.

Well just imagine you will have bigger belly than now. But don't worry it will go flat back again.

Take something you can kill the time. I had to wait from 12pm to 5.30pm. I read 2 books. Unless your operation time is fixed.

Good luck.


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