sharp painful cramps in early pregnancy - stage 3 endo

Hi everyone. I was very happy to find out I am pregnant, however since i found out i have been having very sharp painful cramping in my lower tummy, and back which comes and goes throughout the day. I have read some slight cramping is normal but this is more then that i feel. I had stage 3 endo treated via laparoscopy in july but still haven't had my follow up apt yet to find out how much was actually removed. has anyone else experienced this in early pregnancy? i would really appreciate any advice. we plan to go the doctors next week. i am trying not to worry but when the cramping comes on its frightening. thanks for reading. p x

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  • Congratulations on your pregnancy Peppermint. I have had 3 normal full term pregnancies and births and in all 3 of them I had cramping early on. Felt like I was going to have a period. With my 3rd pregnancy 12 years ago I also had a slight bleed at about 8 weeks after I had sex. The doctors just told me to put my feet up for a couple of days which I did and all was ok. I didn't even know that I had endo back then; I just thought that I was one of those unfortunate people who had bad periods and a constant achy tummy. I was diagnosed this year with stage 4 Endo and have been told that I have more than likely had Endo for over 25 years! I had my first baby 23 years ago. I wouldn't leave anything to chance though. If you get a lot of pain and / or any bleeding don't assume it is the Endo. Get checked out next week anyway to be on the safe side especially if your are under 12 weeks pregnant. Hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy!!! XXXX

  • P.S. Don't wait until your appointment if it worries you too much; go to the doctors sooner. X

  • Hi Bokkie, thank you for your reply, really appreciate it. where your cramps really sharp and painful? its as intense as what i was getting whilst i was on my period after my operation, although goes after a couple of minutes. i will phone my doctors first thing monday and make an apt. as im only 5 weeks im not sure they will be able to do much? xxx

  • Hi peppermint, sorry to jump in, you can go to the early pregnancy assessment unit at your local hospital, some you need to get referred to from your doctors and done nay see you anywsy

  • If you have the discharge letter from your lap stay in hospital- there should be a gynae ward telephone number. might be worth giving them a call out of hours, cut out the middle men and go see them if they suggest they want to check on you. They are the experts.

  • In very early pregnancy, it's normal to get stretching pains and cramps as the baby embeds and the blood flow increases. It is a time of constant worry, but I'd ring your doctors and ask for advice.

  • Hi Peppermint! Just wanted to let you know I am in exactly the same boat as you - early pregnancy (congrats by the way!) with some sharp cramping. Earlier on in the month I had almost severe PMS/endo type symptoms but that has now given way. I still get sharp shooting pains in my pelvic area and harsh cramping type pains in my kidney area whenever I cough (bizarre!). My GP has reassured me that there is nothing to worry about but I am going to the emergency gynae unit at a local hospital where they specialize in early pregnancy problems on Monday just to be on the safe side. Please let me know how it goes at your docs! I'll write again when I've been on Monday and let you know what they told me. xx

  • hi everyone thanks so much for your kind replies. i have now been to both my gyne and doctr and both say the pains are normal, unless continuous or more on one side. luckily the severe cramping has become less.

    Sparkleghost - how r u feeling today? congrats to you too - are you suffering from 'morning' sickness yet? or struggling with low moods? im unfortunately suffering with both 24/7 at the moment, i no its all normal though. good luck for monday and let me no how you get on. take care xxx

  • Hello, im just experiencing this now, i am 7weeks pregnant, and having these endo cramps :( how have you ladies got on? Sure your possibly ready to go into labour anyday :) any advice? Xx

  • Hiya I'm currently 28weeks pregnant and had a laparospy when I was about four weeks pregnant as they never checked if I was pregnant. I had a lot of cramping and I was bleeding for 7 weeks after the op still not knowing I was pregnant. When I had my follow up they said the baby was a miracle as she shouldn't of survived that as they also tried flushing my tubes and told me I couldn't have children. I've had lots of cramping still to this day but they told me it's the scar tissue stretching which is maybe what you have it's nothing to worry about I've had lots of scans the baby is very healthy it just takes time to heal:-) hope everything goes we'll for you! X

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