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I have had ecoli in my bladder for 3 years and been on antibiotics continually. I feel very low now, tired and pain ... Anyone help plse

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Sorry to hear that. Apparently endo sufferers have 3x as much e-coli in their bodies as normal. Why I am not sure, I may take time out to research it tbh on the net. Worrying for all of us x


Hi wp22,

That loud noise was me falling out of bed on reading your information on the ecoli endometriosis connection.

I won't go into details of my med history but over the past few months I've been trying to see if there is a pattern to my endo flare ups and one thing I hit on was severe food poisoning when living in India. The endo getting worse coincides with the timing of severe GI infection.

I asked my endo specialist if there could be a connection to my bouts of food poisoning and endo recurrence and he nearly laughed at me.

I have just done a quick google for ecoli endometriosis and quite a bit comes up.

Thanks for highlighting this connection. Did you do any further research?


Thank you...

I have gone from being a strong on the go person to being very weak. No proper sleep and very low self esteem ...

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks wp22


I do have reoccurring uti so you are not alone and I am on permanent antibiotics.


I also was on antibiotics on and off for 3 years, had a seizure in January where it was discovered I had a grade 1 brain tumours the antibiotic nitrofuriton made tumour worse. I am still waiting for urologist to help. Ask for an MRI scan. I was tired too. Let me know how you get on....


Abbs ... It's awful... I have had scans, hystoscope, 3 cystoscopes and forever antibiotics. Have not taken antibiotics now for the past couple of months as NOT Any of them working. Trying to look into natural remedies. Stay in touch ......


Should read..... As not working ...


I just found out I have ecoli in my urine after a while of trying to figure out what this was...could you tell me how you felt and what your symptoms were?


On January 4th I had a seizure and ended up in hospital where after 3 years was finally given an MRI scan that revealed a brain tumour (grade1).. I am now recovering at home. I still have a bladder infection and still waiting for urologist to help me.

Antibiotics did not help and nitrofuriton made my tumour worse.

I had smelly urine that had nitrates and ecoli in, pain in the lower back and groin, was always tired. I had 2 flexible cystoscopes and I rigid cystoscope and a biopsy taken and still,offered antibiotics .... Now I am waiting for urologist to find out what's next. I'm not happy but thankful my tumour has been taken out successful ....


Hi Ladybex,

Sorry to hear about everything you're going through.

Have you taken any 'good bacteria' to counteract the effects of constant antibiotics? ABs deplete your digestive system of all the bacteria that form part of the digestion process. These bacteria are not bad for you. We all need them. If the ABs kill them then you are likely to feel very tired as your digestive system cannot absorb all the nutrients from the food you eat. I suggest you focus on trying to support your digestive system which could take quite some time.

My husband is on antibiotics for a chest infection and I have given him capsules of lactic bacteria to take. This will repopulate his intestines with the good bacteria he needs to digest his food properly.

In some countries, when they prescribe antibiotics they also prescribe capsules of good bacteria but I have never heard of any doctor do this in the UK. You don't need a prescription to buy these.

Fermented food like sauerkraut can also help.

Can I ask you, were your brain tumours connected to the ecoli?

I wish you well and hope you find your way through all this. x


I am taking yakult daily... Thank you for your reply.. I am under the national neurology hospital in London and the UCH for urologist. Though I have had my tumour out I still have urine infection. I am obviously very worried as my research indicates these are both linked. I refuse any antibiotics now as over 3 yeses they haven't worked and nitrofuriton made my tumour grow quicker.... Will update as soon as I know anymore. But do persist, as my ex GP and ex consultant of urology failed me....


Good to hear you are taking Yakult but beware of the sugar. I don't know enough about it but my husband is taking these, expensive but only short term.

salveo.co.uk/renew-life-ult... Maybe ask for advice at at a good healthfood shop or a naturopath.

Do talk to your urologist about this too but my experience of specialists is that they often don't consider the whole body and that everything is linked. This might be of interest to you naturalmedicinejournal.com/... Hopefully your urologist will be more open minded.

You can get UTI from yeast overgrowth. Yeast overgrowth can occur if antibiotics have killed all your good bacteria Yeast overgrowth is Candidiasis and is often present in endo cases. There is a special diet you can go on to control this and regain balance in your system. thecandidadiet.com It's very similar to the endo diet which is no surprise. Yakult has sugar in it which will feed the yeast so the problem will remain. There is a test that can be done to see if you have Candidiasis. Ask your urologist.

Good luck. I hope you get the care and treatment you need. A dear friend of mine had a brain tumour removed 18 months ago and she has fully recovered. Give yourself plenty of time for your brain to recover! I hope the docs are looking after you and you are getting the right support.

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Not familiar with this site .... Please read my posts might help..

Ladybex .....


i have ecoli bacteria in my urine and on anibiotic - tried natural methods garlic extract and essential oils and also taking probiotic but they are still there. any help i get will be grateful - drink about 3 l of water.