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Lap and dye test For fertility issues

Following an hsg test which showed retroverted uterus and only one tube I had a lap and dye test which was carried out on Monday as I have been trying for a baby for a few years now. When I was still drowsy the doctor told me the dye came out of both tubes and I had a fibroid on outer side of womb. I don't have follow up appointment till 17 December and was wondering whether or not anything will or has been done with fibroid. No endo was found as far as I am aware but I presume its the fibroid causing fertility problems? Anyone else been in similar situation??

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I had a polyp found during a scan, they only removed Endo and adhesions before I had IVF they completely disregarded the polyp, which suggested to me that they were not worried about it affecting my fertility.

I'm not sure though, so it would really be worth talking to your consultant about it.

Good luck x


Hi thanks for the reply. I was told at the very beginning that I can't have ivf as my partner already has one so unfortunately I have to rely on nature x


had the dye test few months after my lap, good to see whilst it was preformed, see with my own eyes, turned out tubes were damaged due to stage 4 endo, still have a chance of conceiving naturally, but want me to have the balloon procedure next to increase my chances of falling naturally, have one child already so no ivf on nhs, just hope it happens soon :)

but you can phone to ask to bring your appointment forward if you want some questions answered xx


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