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Had coil fitted, no period but lots of pain. Help please!!

I had a lap back in June and had the coil fitted at the same time. Things i thought had just settled down and i was slowly starting to feel ok but, i last had a period 6weeks ago when i came back from my honeymoon. Normally i would bleed all the time, now I've had nothing at all. I wouldn't complain only that the last two days I have been in so so much pain. First of all I thought it was the start of a period but its worse than normal and a different feeling with no bleeding. Can anyone suggest anything as im really confused and in a lot of pain x x

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I do still get pain but no bleeding. It is a frustration but its nowhere near what it use to be . I find exercise makes it worse . Sorry I have no magic words but I just wanted to let you know our not alone . There is a chance it is still settling in and this is just a blip x


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