Anybody else get brown thick blood clots?

I am writing a few posts at the moment as I am currently having a hard time and feel like everything is happening at once. I was writing earlier about the bowel issues I am having, but also, since my lap in nov i keep getting brown thick and stringy type of blood discharge from the front. This happened about 6 weeks after my op the first time and i thought it may be the progesterone only pill. It happened a few times after and sometimes small clots too. I had the mirena coil fitted in may and my periods have pretty much disappeared other than the odd bit of spotting and sore breasts but today after having a wee when I wiped myself there was lots of brown tar type discharge and when i wiped again there was quite a large sized dark brown clot. Sorry to be graphic but is this normal, does anybody else have this and should i be worried?x

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  • I have had very similar symptoms since having my laparoscopy in May. I've spoken to the drs they just keep saying it's probably hormone related, or just part of the endometriosis. I'm fed up now of trying to get proper answers and telling them this is not normal!

  • I often get what you have described and have been told it's nothing to worry about as brown blood is just the old blood that hasn't been discharged yet. However if you are worried always go to see your Doctor as that's what they are there for. Xx

  • A doctor told me years ago that brown blood is old blood, however it's worth checking as to why it is 'old'.

  • I have it all the time. I just ignore it and get on with my life. I assume its one of the many symptoms of endometriosis! Sometimes I get so angry and fed up with this horrible disease that threatens to take over my life!!

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