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had lap over a week ago and am now bleeding?

I had my lap operation over a week ago and I have started to bleed quite heavy and im in some pain. days after the op I bled but it was brown and quite thick (sorry I know its gross) but yesterday the blood was bright red and I was having quite bad pains in my pelvis again, almost like period pains. which I what I put it down to. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this after surgery? in my surgery they treated me for endometriosis on the interior wall of womb and found ovary attached to my bowel. which they successfully moved back into the right place. plus this is where im getting quite a lot of the pain now. I have phoned the hospital because my boyfriend was quite worried because I should be getting better not worse. however I don't like the fuss. so has anyone else experienced anything else like this after surgery.

many thanks in advance

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Hi - how are you today? What did the hospital say?

When would your period have been due? Could it be that?

Any gynae surgery 'stirs things up' down there so strange things are likely to happen and it can take a while for it to settle down. In fact, my womb went a bit mad after I had my gallbladder out - probably peed off at being ignored for once! :D

Is there a lot of blood? Is it (sorry) smelly in any way? Is there more pain than there usually is? Do you have a temperature? If none of these things, it is very probably completely normal under the circumstances and should clear up in a few days.

C xxx


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