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Please help me figure out whether there is something wrong

Hi, I have been suffering with bad periods since I was 9 I'm 28 now, painful, clotty and bad tummy it almost makes me pass out, I'm not trying for a baby but I am in a long term relationship, but even when I have unprotected sex, I never get pregnant, about 3 months ago I started getting pain and swelling in my lower back, same symptoms with my periods and pain down below, I am overweight and heard when u are overweight it's harder to get pregnant, but I don't know if that's true I've spoken to doctors and health care professionals and they just fob me off, I'm desperate for them to find out but as I have mental health problems I feel they don't believe me, if anyone gets these symptoms please tell me cos I feel I need to be taken seriously now

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Ask your gp to refer you to a gynaecologist so you can discuss it with a specialist and if he try's to fob you off don't take no for an answer. It took me years to get referred as the gp kept treating me and saying we will see how we go until a work colleague who's daughter has stage 4 endo told me to push the issue and demand it. It was the best thing I ever did as I now know what I'm dealing with.

I to get a lot of clots during my period as well and would get a lot of pain in my tummy, legs and back if it weren't for my treatment. It's not normal to pass out or be dizzy from period pain and that along with your other symptoms should be enough reason to refer you.

Try not to worry that you haven't got pregnant from unprotected sex as it takes some couples months to conceive, I've known a couple of people who were trying for 18 months before it happened. I know that's harder said then done but hopefully a gynae can give you some answers. Good luck xxx


Hi Annmurry,

Like Bluetit it took me years to be diagnosed through getting fobbed off by GPs - 8 years in fact! I am 28 and was diagnosed by laparoscopy last year. I experienced many of the symptoms you do.

Please don't give up and keep pushing the issue, I hope you get somewhere soon

Rach xxx


keep pushing your doctor to refer you, as it takes a long time to get diagnosed xxx


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