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Bleeding/period after lap.

This may have been something in have missed but is there a 'normal' timeframe to have a bleed or period after having a lap done? I have read so much about heavy bleeding straight after the op and beyond but nothing about no bleeding. Since coming around after lap about a week and a half ago I have had no bleeding at all and wondered if this was normal? My periods are so irregular anyway due to possible PCOS. Internal bleeding behind my womb/ ovaries was found and doc said I have early signs of endo. Been in ALOT of pain after op but no period x

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I don't think is anything to worry about, I've only ever had bleeding for a couple of hours after my laps and then nothing until my period. The lap can sckew your cycles a bit but likely you're period will arrive around the same time it would be if you hadn't had the lap, but it may be heavier and/or more painful than normal as your insides have been poked about and may not be fully healed x


I wouldn't worry. I had a tiny bit of bleeding for 24 hours then nothing for a couple of weeks. Do you know what they did ? Heal fast .


I did wonder the same thing tbh. I had my lap a week ago and im still bleeding? !


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