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Operation Done!

Hello All,

I had lap on 18th September, so it is nearly 3 week ago.

I was very lucky to get it done, as the lady on the theatre list after me, hers got canceled. The surgeon was running late. I didnt go into theatre till 7pm. And I didn't get back on Ward till after 9. He was my body was all stuck together adhesions. Especially my bowel. Then also because I was on period at that time. (good job I was) he found (retrograde bleeding) so blood coming out the normal way but also come up through my tubes into my body. He has put the coil in.

I stayed in hospital for 2 nightS.

I am just so happy he found stuff. It's taken 3 and half years.

I am finding it very difficult to do any thing at the min. It's still very sore. Should I be better and doing lots now it's nearly 3 weeks ago?

We are not sure how come I have adhesions??!! I had appendix out 3 years ago but surely it can't of made my insides that bad. ??!!

Then also the retrograde bleeding, I've been looking on the computer and it says about main thing endometriosis??! But no one has mentioned seeing endometriosis??!!

So not really sure.

Bye for now x

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Any injury or surgery can cause adhesions.. Appendix op certainly can cause extensive scar tissue to build up and it really doesn't take very long for that to happen. Nothing stops adhesions growing once they have set off. But it could be there from any child hood injury..falling off a bike, tipping yourself over gym equipment, someone jumping on your tummy...any trauma to the tummy can trigger adhesions which are the body's safety cushion of protection, to begin growing.

So in 3 years you could easily be carrying around a rather sticky mess of adhesions sticking things together just from the appendix op alone. They can be cut back but they will grow again they always do.

Great that you got the mirena installed while you were out for the count. Hopefully given a few months it will stop your menstrual periods ...and stop any chance of retrograde bleeding for some time to come after that.

Retrograde bleeding is high up on the list of likely causes of endo, so even if you didn't have endo seen during this op, it is certainly worth stopping any chances of that happening in the future by retrograde bleeding.

Sending you best wishes for a speedy recovery.


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