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How long will I be in hospital for (roughly)?

So I ended up in A&E last week due to heavy/iregular bleeding and was told by the Gyne Specialist that he doesn't think it's Endo (as it didn't show up on the transvaginal ultrasound) but he thinks it's still worth having the surgery that another Gyne suggested I have.

On Tuesday I'm going to be having a Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy and maybe have some cervical erosion cauterised. I know the pre-assesment nurse said I'd only be in the theatre for half hour, but I was just wondering whether anyone knows how long I may be in hospital for? (I know it's hard to tell as all hospitals/individuals are different) but I need to give my friend a rough time of when to pick me up so I'm not just hanging around :P

Thanks!! xx

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Difficult to tell as my endo didn't show up in any scans I was told it usually doesn't as it can be anywhere, yet when they opened me up I was at stage 4 with it, my suggestion is to see what they find in there chick, good luck with it all...x


It is impossible to say, so take a cell phone to call your friend when the ward staff tell you that you are ready to go. You might be kept in overnight if it was a late op or your blood pressure is a worry to them etc.

You can also give your friend the ward telephone number to call in and check on your progress. It is unlikely even if you have the op 1st thing, that you would be out by 4pm...more likely in the early evening or possibly the next day seeing as you are having a few things done.


Hi I was the first op of the day was in at 8 taken for 8:30 and was picked up by 3pm it all depends on what treatment and your recovery I was really good in recovery I had the helium beam to laser the endo away lasted 2 years gd luck x


Thanks for your help ladies! Starting to feel a bit worried about it all, but I guess that's just normal :) x


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