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Back to square 1...want should I be asking now

Hi Ladies, I had my lap almost 12th month ago, 30th Oct, to have my right ovary removed due to a cyst and the pain it was causing, Once inside it was discovered I had a lot of endo clusters, my womb was attached to my bowel and they removed my tube too. It took them 2 hours to sort me out. I have had a nightmare since, headaches, visual disturbance, swollen optic discs and am under a neurologist as my symptoms would indicate MS. To top this off I was only pain free for the 1st 2 months, this because I had no periods in this time. The pain has returned exactly where it was before so I am guessing it wasn't the cyst causing the pain. After almost weekly trips to the doctors, and changing 3 times, as I didn't think |I needed to 'let things settle down' and contray to one doctor,I did feel I should feel better after having the op. He told me I shouldn't come out of hospital feeling better??? I am today going back to the gyne, sadly some of you have had more experience with repeat consultations than I have, I wouldn't wish this on anyone, but would appreciate some advice on where I should go from here.

Many thanks


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that should be What, it's early lol


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