Was told it has all gone, 2nd consultant told me I still have it

I was told by my endo centre of excellence 'specialist, in April that "all my endo was gone". Immediately after my op I realised this was incorrect. As I had all the same old, same old symptoms as I had done for nearly 5 years. I knew it hadn't gone. I went back to him in July with symtoms of endo and a lump that he had left behind. Don' t mean to sound crude but I went searching and found the lump where the majority of my pain was and had always come from. So when I went back to see him he could not find the lump and told me as far as endo is concerned he couldn't do any more for me because it has all gone. My GP found it a week before, but the 'specialist' couldn't.

Anyway yesterday I went to see another consultant in an out of area hospital, for me, who I researched on the net and wanted to see him. After waiting I finally got to see him. What a totally different experience. He was so lovely and knew what my symptoms were without questioning me. He said it sound as though you have endo then he examined me and found the lump. Low and behold he said "endo". I just knew 100% I still had endo. So I now have got to wait the system and he is planning on operationg and removing it.

I am soooo mad at the other cons as how quick and confident of himself he was to just dismiss my pain and syptoms and even worse he had just operated on me. How can a 'specialist' be so bad at his job? I

This should have been dealt with in April when he took the other bowel nodule out, but oh no he just left it in and told me a lye.

So ladies you KNOW your own bodies, please don't take their word for t if you know you still have endo and they are telling you you havn't. Please keep going on and on until you get your good outcome. X

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  • After having had my first consultant who advertised as treating endo - and subsequently coming to realise they were not particularly clued up or in touch with how the real top consultants were now thinking - I totally sympathise with what you have been through. I am really glad you have seen someone different with a better outcome. It really is a lesson to be discerning and not having blind trust. I wish you all the best with your treatment. x x

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