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Hello (I'm new and here is my story)

Hi there...

So my background. I always had bad periods...from age 13 to 18 I could not explain the pain it was so bad. So often I was told that's just what "being a woman" felt like and to get over it especially around the age of 15. At 18 I went on the pill and the pain got better! However throughout this time I had chronic UTIs and bowel issues but just kept being told that periods will do that to you. I finally had a cystoscopy in 2008 which came back with nothing so felt I was fussing yet again. It wasn't until early this year when the pain was getting all too much especially the bowel pain that I saw a female doctor at my surgery. I had never usually got to see her because she had been on long term sick. My usual doctor really didn't want to do anything and a year ago refused to send me for a gyne appointment because I didn't want kids. Through this other doctor I finally got my referral which led to my laparoscopy and diagnosis of endo.

Mostly at the moment I feel...a weird mix of relieved and sad.

So hello and just wanted to get my story "out there" as it were.

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I often think people think we are wimps when we say we suffer each month one of my friends has just had a baby and had never suffered from cramp or anything and didnt even no she was in labour whereas me where do I start? Every month without fail I have a migraine that lasts between 3-4 days I get severe cramp a few days before I start which lasts throughout. My wisdom teeth flare up every month, my gums bleed for the fun of it I can't sleep properly for about a week beforehand and I can also eat for England and not get full! Oh and I almost forgot I drop things, I can walk into walls and as much as I try to say something the words will just not come out. The joys of being a woman !!


Hi there. Thanks for sharing your story.

Doesn't it just suck that us women have to fight to be listened to! I was the same as you, suffering ever since I was 12 and kept on being told it was part of being a woman. It wasn't until I was 27 that someone finally listened to me!

I know what you mean when you say you feel relieved but sad too with finally getting some answers! It is relief as someone has listened at last and you know that it is not normal and not in your head and you now know what it is you are having to deal with and struggle through month on month. But sad as it not what you want and know there is no cure but just trying to live with it and try find what works best for you. Now almost 31, I am still trying to learn to live with it, deal with it and cope. But knowing there are others out there, some of whom are on this site, who know what it is like, offers some support.

Hope you are having as pain free days as possible x


Oh yeah for me every month meant a UTI and the most awful bowel pain.

Since my lap been having lots of tummy cramps gonna go get some peppermint tea and a hot water bottle.

Same here 27 this year and finally got someone to understand and listen. It was the GP who referred me to the gyne who recommended the forum here :D


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