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is there any foods i should may be try to cut out of my diet ?

hi every one im now 23 and i have been told i have endometrisois i have always had problem since i first started my periods and now i know why i have it growning on my tummy tissuse and pelvise , and i would like to know if there any food thats i should may be cut out of my diet to try to ease the pain thankyou

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Hi Kerrianna

I'm not sure if you have already seen it, but in case not and for the benefit of anyone else who may be interested in this area, there is a copy of Endolink on the Endometriosis UK site about nutrition which offers some very interesting information which can be downloaded. Hope you find it useful.


Best wishes

Vanessa (Endometriosis UK Moderator)


Thank you for the link I'm looking in to it but I have a odd diet have had since I was little but some things on there il try an see what happens x


I am now following the gluten free diet after suffering for year and years - however pain has got unbareable in recent months. Last month was unbelievable - I had been gluten free for only a short time and I noticed a massive difference in the pain - huge reduction. I still felt the other effects - nausea, exhaustion etc but the main thing for me is the pain and last month was good - Im waiting to see what this month will be like.


Hey thanks for that I will have to try an see if it works for , all ready this have started with the pains an feeling sick , but il try an cut gluten out of my diet an see if that helps in any way x


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