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Endo on the bladder?

Hi Everyone, I hope that you are all having a resonable day. I wonder if you could help me please? I have endo and am having another lap on 14th September to remove this and to see exactly where it is. I have a variety of symptoms and experience almost daily pain with about 3 days each month when I feel okay.

However for the last week I have had a 'heavy' sensation in my bladder, I have quite bad pain in my back on my right hands side, I feel I need to urinate more frequently and when I do it doesn't burn like an infection but is certainly not very comfortable. It seems to be worse today so I phoned my GP and had a urine test, there is no infection which I am so surprsied about as it feels alot like one. Does this sound like Endo may have spread to bladder or that area? Has anyone else experienced this? I've never felt like this before, usually my pain is on my right hand ovary/back, hip and down both legs with sciatic pain on left side too. I've never had problems with my bladder before. I feel so fed up, although my husband is supportive I feel sure people just think i'm making one thing up after another as my symptoms seem to change throughout the month and vary in severity.

I'd really appreciate it if anyone can give me their opinions/experiences with this.

Thanks in advance.


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I suffer with this but we are trying to conceive & I appear to get most of my discomfort when I urinate around my usual ovulation times, but I suffer with bowel issues too lots of constipation & digestive difficulties there's not a lot you can do except take it easy & take painkillers! I've just been referred for a 4th time so the nod of this year will be my 4th laparoscopy but I do feel like this time it has occurred more around my bladder & bowel. Xx


Hi I have just seen my consultant and I have almost exactly the same symptoms as you. He has suggested that my endo my have spread to my bladder so I mnow how you are feeling. My diet seems to have an impact on this I try to eat light meals and drink lots. However having said all that my pain is largely the same and i have always had some element of feeling like my bladder may be involved so I am not sure if this will be the case. I am due for lap number 3 soon so yet again it is a case of wait and see. Dont know if this helps but try to stay positive x


Hi, I had a large nodule of invasive endo found and excised from the outside of my bladder when I had my lap. It had almost gone through the bladder wall. I hadn't realised that I was suffering with my bladder as I didn't have any symptoms that I thought were symptoms (as such). I just thought it was 'me'. I now know that things like: desperation to wee, having to go to the loo all the time (it was a joke amongst me & my friends as I would always be heading off to find the nearest loo), pain around my bladder when I had my period (of course! how dim was I? but just thought it was all just lumped together as a sore abdomen), getting up in the night, could feel painful after I had a wee. I could go on. I jut never said anything as it all came on over a few years. After my lap it made a massive difference to these particular issues. Best wishes x


Thanks everyone for your replies, I really appreciate it. They are really helpful and I too feel that things that I thought were 'just me' of 'changes' have been endo. I hoped it would be a straight forward UTI so that I could take antibiotics and that would be that but no, it's never that simple I guess! I hope you are all okay today? On a plus I have my lap on 14th so at least I won't have to wait long for some answers hopefully x


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