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Endometeriosis .. can it affect other parts of the body????

Have suffered endometeriosis the last five years and have tried every type of medication, treatments, faith healers, etc: Now I have come to the stage which i feel like i would try anything to get better as i am taking infections every two weeks and it is taking control of my daily activities and my life as i can not plan activities or events with family and friends. therefore if there are anoyone in the similar situation as myself, i would be glad of our thoughts and suggestions.

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Hi - I'm sorry to read your message shelly144. If I was you I would go back and see your consultant asap. If you can - call his secretary and make a follow up appointment asap explaining your recurring infections and mention any pain you are experiencing OR go and see your GP asap to refer you.

Tell them exactly how you feel as you have done here, be honest with them and remember, no question is a silly question.

I'm sure you will feel so much better just talking to someone about it and needless to say, feel you are taking back control of your life.

I have read that endo can also be found in various parts of the body.

Keep smiling :0) Good luck


Thanks Merlion for you kind thoughts and advice.

Yeah I have been in with my gp non-stop this last while trying to push things, have rang my gyane consultants secretary and i seem to be getting no where. I went private to see the new gyane doctor as last one did the first key hole surgery and then passed me off with medication etc: which only made me worse. Gp has refered me to a uolorgist which i am seeing next week, fingers crossed i get sorted soon has have an infection every two weeks an being in pain is not plesant and it does rule your life, due to not being able to plan activities with friends an family.

once again thanks for the support.


Hi... I'm so sorry to hear this.

Have you tried going on a gluten-free diet? I tried this based on extensive research I did and I found it helped improve all of my symptoms dramatically. I had a life again!!

Good luck!!


Hi Nabz, naw i havn't tried gluten-free diet but did try and still on a dairy-free diet but is not much good as still in pain. Glad things woked out for you.


yes endo can affect other parts of your body.......adhesions can grow/form on your bowel, kidneys, lungs.....and in some rare cases on/in your brain. everyone is different. read up on it. not everyone has the same symptoms. x


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