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Im so mad with myself

I'm so upset right now . I know if I take my pill properly throughout the month, I will manage the 3 day hell that is endo.... But I haven't this month and my symptoms have just started to show. Im so upset as I dont have any mefenamic acid as I ran out and haven't registered with my new doctors, which are not now open until tuesday. I actually want to cry at the thought of how these 3 days of pain are going to be I don't know what to do

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Sending you a big hug x

Try not to get upset, I know its hard as you feel like you've brought it on yourself but beating yourself up won't really make you feel much better and could actually make it worse. Have you tried using codeine before? You can buy 8mg/500mg co-codamol over the counter in any pharmacy and you can also buy a version of neurophen with 12mg codeine in. Although these aren't as strong as the versions of these drugs a doctor would normally pescribe they do work well, particularly if you start taking them early enough and don't wait until the pain is really bad - and there's always heat pads or hot water bottle! xxx


Get to the chemist get some 400mg ibruprofens (same as menefdmic acid) take 2 every 4 hrs & get some solphedine max. (Same but half dose of prescription cocodomol)

strongest you can buy.

They are 15/500mg cocodomol, take them both regularly takes about a day to kick in but keep taking it.

Get some heat patches.

I have a tens machine too.

I'd just like to add having suffered for 8yrs with two laps & several horrendous courses of hormones, I still get period for at least 10days of blood, clots & agony every month even taking norethisterone to control, so I'm glad you only get it for about 3days.....get well

Soon. Xxx


Thanks for your ideas Girls , Been keeping up to doses on asprin and ibruporfen but my pains came when I wrote this post , but didnt start properly. So I think that its not the time yet ... But thanks for advice before it happens :(


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