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Anyone under 23 been able to get ivf on the NHS with endo?

I'm 21 and have been diagnosed since I was 17. I've had two ops and possible of 2 miscarriages but they weren't confirmed in time (4 weeks both times). Me and my husband have been trying for nearly two years and I've been told I need ivf to be able to fall properly, because I'm 21 I don't meet the nhs criteria as you have to be 23. I have put my case forward to be looked at and I'm waiting a response but I'd like to know if anyone else has been in this situation? I'm due another op in January and I don't think my poor body can cope with keep being pulled about all this stress and to be honest feels like I'm constantly having to face something new or sort something out to do with it. Any help would be appreciated x

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Hi, I'm sorry to hear you don't get funding, I'm in the same position but I'm too old at 36 in my area so will need to self fund. I'm hoping maybe these rules will change to be inline with the NICE guideliness over the next few years and if not hoping we will be able to save! I know it seems a long way off 2 years when you would then be eligable but if you could fund one try while your waiting ? If this isnt an option I know right now it's devastating, like I say I understand how you feel but hope of being able to try in the future is what gives me hope so try and think positive and get all the tests done while your waiting so when the time comes you'll be ready! X


I am sorry you find yourself in this dilemma at such a young age. Just one piece of cautious advice. We were thinking of funding a cycle ourselves whilst waiting for the '3 years of trying' date to come along so we could (eventually) become eligible. However I was told that if you fund an IVF cycle yourself at any point you become ineligible for NHS funding in the future. So please be careful and seek advice about this before funding yourself. If you are in an Authority area which funds up to 3 cycles then you might be best to wait - maybe keep trying naturally, or if that's too painful (emotionally and physically) then maybe you need one of the 'switching off' options / implants which would mean that your endo doesn't progress while you're waiting. I understand your frustration as I was left with only a 6 week 'window' in which funding was available between the 'you've been trying unsuccessfully for 3 years' and 'you've reached 35, so you're now too old' milestones. I've always found that putting the energy of my frustration into a positive action, even if it's not related to this goal has helped. That might be in getting the house decorated, moving your career on, or something else personal to you. Take care.


Thank you for your advice, yes I heard that which is why we haven't funded it ourselves. It's very frustrating but I am doing what you said in terms of focusing on a career etc :) it's very annoying that they look at my age and say no sorry you are too young not my actual story if you like x


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