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Good morning ladies, I havent been on here a while.im 27yrs old & i have just had my 2nd op last week, the 1st was in april which was mainly just done to "put my mind at rest".oh boy, was it egg on her face when she saw the mess my insides were!! Well above her expertise! & yes I still jold a grudge as she is the same gyne that told me 10yrs ago that it was all in my head! Anyway, last weeks they removed a 7cm choc ovarian cysts on right ovary & a 3cm one on left, (no wonder all those sit ups n hrs at the gym werent doing anything!!) they were classed as kissing ovaries, as they were bent round behind my womb and touching! As well as being stuck down with adhesions. I've just started the zoladex injection & hrt for 6months.my surgeon was very good (better experience all round compared to last time).i have now got to wait 9months before I can start thinking about starting a family.so scared that it'll never happen.it was a bitter/sweet moment last week for me, because as I was being discharged from hospital my cousin was going in to have her beautiful little girl.it should have been me :'( been ttc for 2yrs.anyway, lets just hope im on the right track to recovery xx

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Hi hun, I'm so pleased you have eventually been listened to and had surgery, just a real shame it had to take so long and it all being down to pure negligence and ignorance. I do sympathise with all you wonderful ladies who are trying to conceive, I had my children when I was young so I have not had to go through all the trauma and stress you have had to. It must be hard when someone so close has a baby, but one day that will be you, have faith and don't give up.

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when you looked at your old consultant with a smug look, I bet she felt so small. Anyway glad surgery went well and good luck for the future X.


Thanks hun.she couldnt even bring herself to see me after the 1st lap!!that doc couldn't of been more wrong!x


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