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After a possible cyst rupture - what next??

Hi ladies. I have severe endo with PCOS. After 2 laps and several choc cysts being removed I know what it feels like to know they are there but today I think I had one rupture.

I noticed my endo pain getting worse and then suddenly it was like someone was stabbing a red hot knife into my left ovary. Cue crying and doubling over for about 30 mins. I've done childbirth and this was a whole other level!!

I went to my local walk in /A&E but after 4 hours waiting I was sent away without a scan to neither confirm or deny my suspicions. As my pain had subsided it was thought 'better to talk to our gynae'. I'm defo not pregnant or infected any where.

Has anyone else had ruptured cysts that can relate to my symptoms and what is the next step? Do I get a scan to check everything out??


Ann xx

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Did the pain subside before taking pain killers?

Tea Cosey x


I have had that pain twice, the first time was at home alone with the kids and honestly thought my appendicts was busting but after an hour the pain went and I was just a bit tender, the last time was 2 weeks ago, lasted 30mins of extreme pain unable to move then went. Both times I have had some bleeding after, gynaecologist seemed unconcerned when I mentioned this, must just be par for the course that we are on, the joys


Hi girls.

As the pain went away after about 30 mins I didn't get a chance to take any pain killers. I'm still getting twinges today but no bleeding or anything, odd. I can't get an appointment to see doc for another 10 days though so will just ave to wait. Interesting your doc wasn't too worried Ria.

It just frightened me, was horrendous and not my usual endo pain AT ALL!

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If it has burst...they ought to do a follow up scan to check if it has refilled up and is growing again. Most cysts when they burst, just get reabsorbed back in to the body eventually. Yes ideally you should be scanned as soon as there is a suspected cysts explosion, but in my own experience that has now not happened twice in 3 years.

There is not much that can be done once the thing has popped, it is just a case of taking strong enough pain relief to get you through the hours and days ahead. If your pain eased off after 30 minutes you count yourself very lucky.

My 1st exploding cyst had me paralysed with pain for at least 2 hours before i could even summons help to get someone to call an ambulance for me. The hosp dosed me up with pain relief but even after that wore off it was agony for several days.

Thesecond one was a lot quicker. Still the same sudden paralytic pain but for about 1 hour then it began to ease ...but i did have help with me that time and took a strong pain killer right away and lay still. That one was sore afterwards for about 48 hrs. That is I could feel it despite the pain relief but the pain relief certainly did help a lot.

The current beast has been giving me grumbles for any months but has not burst, leaked or disappeared.....


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