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hi should I take Cerazette, the progesterone only pill or a combined contraceptive to control my endometriosis from returning HELP

Hi i ve had my endometriosis excised and in order to keep it bay i have been advised to take the pill, have started cerazette but dont feel 100 per cent, only been 2 weeks, not sure weather to take a combined contraceptive pill instead, so worried, not sure whats right

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Hi there, I too was put on cerazette for my endometriosis. I think I only lasted 2 months on it, it gave me terrible mood swings. I now have had the mirena coil fitted. Although it made me bleed on and off for a couple of months it's been fine since. It was a hard couple of months my body getting used to it but I'm glad I perceiverd with it. You should ask your doctor about it. Take care x


I use to take cerazette and it was great but I came off it as I started forgetting to take the pills and I suffer from migraines so was advised off it. Personally i think when finding the right contraceptive you need to give it long enough to settle in and for any side effects to stop, I gave each pill I tried 6 weeks before I went back to my gp. Not sure I'd this will help but I also tried the implant for 2 and a half years and took the mini pill with it for a few months which unfortunately didn't stop the periods so I'm now trying the marina coil which after 5 months is settling and starting to work. Before I had it fitted I was in pain daily and now it's settling to once a month. That said only you really know your body and if your unsure have a chat with a doctor. I'm fortunate enough that I found a good one at a local family planning clinic that understands endo so I can now go in there and have a chat without feeling that I'm wasting my gp's time. Good luck, hope you find something that suits soon x


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