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What to expect after the final Zoladex injection??

Hi, I have just had my 4th and final zoladex injection for my endometriosis. Can anyone else who has been on this treatment advise me as to what to expect now? I have my gynae follow up appointment in November, but do your periods come back..if so when do they and what should I expect to happen between now and then? Thanks in advance for your help x

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The side effects you have suffered will wear off one by one.

Hopefully you get a decent break before the periods return. The average is a 5 month wait.

But ine were back as soon as my remaining ovary could give me one. The wretched beast !! so I had a period 8 weeks after that last implant went in, thus 4 weeks after I should have had the next implant if I had had one.

Some ladies have an even longer wait, and for a small number of ladies their ovaries do not wake up and they don't have another period and they stay in a state of menopause. Each of us is different, so my advice is once you are feeling better from the side effects, live life to the fullest you can till the return of the evil endo.

The 1st period after being shut down for so long can be sludgy brown and might also be quite a long lasting or heavy period, and not a nice event especially when you have had a break and got used to not having them.

As for the follow up gynae appointment. I never got one. I suspect it depends on whether you were having the drugs before a surgery or after. Or whether being on the drug did improve your endo or suspected endo, and deciding what to do next. ie Mirena Coil or BC Pills etc.


This sounds like me. I had my left ovary removed in April and was on a 3 month injection and HRT. This ended at the beginning of August and now I'm waiting to see what happens!!! I've currently had a bit of pain in my left side (this is the side the ovary went from) and I have had a bit of bleeding. But i'm hoping that the periods stay away for as long as possible as I have thoroughly enjoyed not having them for the past 3 months.

Sorry I can't be more help - I suppose it's a wait and see situation



I had 8 months of Zoladex, 3 with HRT and then 5 without.

I had my last implant on the 25th of June. At the end of July (about a week or so after the implant wore off) I had bad PMT and pain for a few days but no bleeding.

Was still having hot flushes up until about a week ago... (Mine were pretty bad) but only have the odd one now!

Pain is creeping back in, but as yet no bleeding! And emotionally I feel pretty stable (thank goodness!).

I also have a Mirena... So I don't know how that effects everything... Hoping that I might just never have another period, but at 30 that's unlikely I think!

Let me know how you are getting on... I have a gyne app. Tomorrow, so will ask her about when she expects my periods to return.

Keep smiling :-)) xxx


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