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Has anyone experienced this pain and is it endo related?

Hi all,

I have an appointment with the gynecologist on the 11th of October as my GP is sure that my endo has returned an my adhesions have gotten worse. I have been experiencing this new pain and was wondering if anybody else has felt it or knows what it is. Basically it feels like I am being squeezed around my pelvis, as if I was wearing a belt too tightly. And I can kind of feel my whole pelvis being pushed together especially on my left lower side (that's where the adhesions are bdw) and back. Its not all the time, it will come and then go slowly and more than painful i'd say its really uncomfortable. Then afterward i'll get nauseous and heartburn too and it will leave me with crippling pelvic pain. Any help would be much appreciated, I will ask the doctor on my appointment but in the meantime if anybody knows what this sounds like I would love to know and also how to make it better. Sending you all happy vibes xxx

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That's where my pain was mostly left sided pelvic pain. Then if I sat for more than about 20 mins I would bet up & struggle to get straight and walk almost like my pelvis was fused together. Couldn't move properly. One gynaecologist got me to put my fists under my bottom he then gave me an internal, pressed on an area that was really painful. Was told that I had thickening on my utera-sacral ligaments ( prob spelt that wrong ) explaining my pelvic pain. However after 3 months of decapeptyl had my 1st lap and they have found nothing. Dreading what is to come once my last injection (5th Aug) wears off. Had my lap last Mon 12th Aug and only have the one cut on that left side and one in belly button. All my pain at the moment is on that left side.

Good luck hope you get some answers x


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