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Arthritis test

Ive got endo had lap op on 1st July been back and forth to doctors since. Now on anti depressants and now im booked in to be tested for arthritis :-( appointment is on Tuesday for bloods to be taken to run the tests. Ive been told ive got mild spondylosis in my spin years ago now and now the doctors thinks i could have arthritis due to increasing joint pains. Im 28 years old and feel like my health is just getting worse. I had an accident when i was 14-15 put my pelvis out of place and have had constant back pain since this accident and had which i now know was endo symtoms and pains since i was 18. Just wanted to vent it all here xx

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Hi AlexR, Are you still no better? I'm not either the pain is worse than before my lap (June 14th) and the swelling around my belly is awful. My consultant has diagnosed me with IBS over the phone, yeah whatever, but my doctor who saw me in person and has listened to me knows there is nothing wrong with my bowel. Anyway, I've now been referred to chronic pelvic pain clinic to see how and if they can help. I do hope you are okay. Take care X.


Hey im healed and able to move about more but still in pain more than before the op and now my joints hurting more than ever now and now having bloods taken for arthritis tests seems to be one thing after the other xx


The joys of endo. I had blood tests 3 weeks ago for arthritis n they came back clear thats why i'm now waiting to see pain specialist. Hope it goes well for you n that we will be pain free one day! X


My aunts (my mothers sister) is the bionic woman as i call her due to arthritis shes had wrist replacement and knee replacement due to it alomg with my back issue the doc seems to think i will have arthriti. Just need to see what happens i suppose. Would be great to have a pain free day couldnt tell you the last time i had one.

hope all goes well for you xx


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