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Hello everyone! I've had severe right sided abdominal pain for 8 months now (hospitalised twice), and today I had a fantastic consultant appointment. He looked at my history, asked about the pain, and is getting me in for an urgent laproscopy with hopefully treatment ASAP!!! I'm so pleased that someone is finally believing me after 8 months of pain. He's said that if the op is inconclusive then he will try zoldorex (sp) to see if it's gynae. Finally, I am near to getting answers.

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Excellent news. I hope they find something..but be careful not to be put on zoladex before the op as it puts endo lesions to sleep and they cannot easily be seen, so best to start that after the op if they do find endo and cut it out as much as possible and cut back adhesions which are also usually present with endo. The endo needs to be active to have the best chance of being identified and removed (either cut out or lasered off if it is shallow endo.)

Zoladex is a very tough hormone therapy so again before undertaking it please read up everything you can find on GnRH drugs and zoladex/goserelin. They can be easy to cope with for a few women and the toughest drug treatment ever for others, and every shade of severity in between. Not a decision to be taken lightly as none of us know till we are on it what it will do to us and if you have a job, young children, pets and other such responsibilities then I urge you to put in place contingencies should you find it really hard going. You are stuck with it if you have the monthly implant and so it's not like you can stop and recover in a few days.

The minimum will be 5 -6 weeks of recovery if you have a bad reaction and decide you don't want to continue. And yes you can decide to stop and not have the next implant at any time.

They are cancer chemo hormone drugs and certainly can take a heavy toll on you hour by hour while you go through the months of treatment.

Meanwhile that is way off in the future and may not be necessary at all. Hopefully the lap will come soon and that will sort you out. Best of Luck


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