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Has anyone had the injections??

I have recently had my first injection to bring on early menopause. They are hoping this will just prolong my last option of having a hysterectomy as I am only nearly 30.

Just wondered if anyone had them and what I should expect. I have been put on HRT and have already started with the hot sweats. I have read up on treatments but it's not the same as hearing from someone that is going through it x

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most of us have. Which one have they put you on?

Zoladex, Prostap/Lupron/Decapeptyl etc.

They are all GnRH drugs, so use the search box on the top line to look up any of the terms associated with these drugs as there are numerous discussions about them.

These drugs do not cure you, they only pause the situation while you are on them then you carry on as before when the 6 months are up.

Hysterectomy too is not a cure for endo by any means. The condition it most benefits is adenomyosis, if you don't have that and only have endo then it won't stop your endo being active and causing pain as you will be given HRT to keep bones and heart healthy which also feeds the endo too.

Far better to have surgery on the endo itself to remove as much of that as possible.

There is so much info available about GnRH drugs online, take 3-4 hours and really do your homework on them and what they can do to you good and bad and let your family know too, so they can keep an eye on you.


Thanks for the reply.

I had gonopeptyl injection and am on tibolone hrt now. I had the surgery on the endo but it has grown back. I also had the coil but it rejected itself after 9months.

So my consultant said the injection was another alternative.


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