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3rd operation for the removal of Endo. Is it normal to feel this rubbish?

I am in the 2nd week of having 3 endometrioma removed from my womb and endometriosis removed from between my bowel and womb. The last op I had was in 2005 (bowel and womb fused together) and the one before in 1992 whereby I had to have my ovary removed due to a chocolate cyst being the size of a melon!!! and I am sure I recovered quite well but can't remember? I am 45 now so could this be the reason I am not feeling great? I was told when I got released from the hospital to rest up for 6 weeks but feel like I am going crazy and may not be able to last that long. I done a bit of housework the other day as I had a very good nights sleep (not had a good nights sleep for years) and the painkillers had kicked in. The problem was is that night I was in pain which lasted all the next day and I had to continue taking painkillers and stay in bed. What is the worst case scenario? did I damage something inside? or is this just normal after op pain, which comes and goes? All this on top of feeling a bit insane. Has anyone else had major bits done due to endo and been laid up for this long?

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I am due to have a major endo op next week so can't comment quite yet other than my gynae told me I would need "quite a few weeks off work", he didn't elaborate much more than that but the pre-op nurse said I could be off for up to 6 weeks. 2 weeks really isn't that long, recovery from diagnostic laps is typically 1-3 weeks off work and then start to feel normal at about 5-6 weeks and that is no where near as invasive as the surgery you have had so you shouldn't worry at all that you are not feeling 100%, in fact it would be very surprising if you did feel 100%.

I know how you feel though, I'm finding the thought of being at home and taking it easy for 6 weeks really difficult but as my boss knows I will be tempted to come back to work too early they have put a plan in place so that I only come back when I'm ready and even then they have proposed I come back part-time so that I really do recover properly this time. I am extremely grateful that they are being so supportive but the thought of 6 weeks day time tv is a tad daunting and I would like to think il be ok after about 3 weeks even I know I wont be really.

I would give it another week or so and if you still feel really rubbish then see your GP for a chat about how you are recovering and what you should expect etc.


Unfortunately everyone recovers differently, I had my lap on the 14th June, 8 weeks on Fri, had quite a lot of work done and I only went back to work this week on a phased return. I have been and still am in a lot of pain and my belly is very swollen, but I am now managing it with medication and knowing when to rest. I have been really frustrated and probably tried to do things around the house to soon, so my advice is to rest, take short walks and build them up daily, do very little housework and listen to your body, it will tell you when to stop! Wish I had. Do go and speak with your doctor. I pestered my doctor every week, in the end he contacted my consultant as he didn't know how best to advise me, just waiting for an appointment, as my follow up appointment was on the 17th Jan 2014, certainly couldn't wait till then! Keep your feet up X


Thanks for the replies, logically, I know your advice is true. I think one of the issues is that the hormones are making me very sensitive to things and being indoors all the time is a sure way to go insane.... I also think that due to being the strong people we are and are used to pushing through every day with pain, psychologically the body thinks ok, the stuff has gone, you are completely ok now....... so laughable/insane.

I need to be kind to myself for once (you become accustomed to pushing through every day with pain) and take up knitting!

Good luck Hayls, what are you having done? Great that your work is being very supportive. My friend keeps telling me that I was up and about in 3 weeks last time (I think I did go to Butlins for a couple of days but not sure of timescale and I keep telling her that the painkillers/alcohol must have worked a treat!) and she keeps saying things like "Oh it's 10 days now you must be feeling ok" but I am sure I didn't go back to work until 3 months and at the time I was quite fit and healthy as when the pain was not too bad I would aim for the gym at least 3 - 4 times a week. Not sure why she is saying this? Maybe she's trying to keep my spirits up? Of course I will do the little exercises they gave me and the 10 minute walks around my flat must be doing something? I think I am just too eager to be the person I was about 3 years ago, when I had at least 2 weeks each month feeling normal.

What did you have done bonygirl1? and yes, you doing the housework/pushing yourself may have caused you to not heal properly? Have you had procedures before? My appointment back at the consultants isn't for 3 months and I wonder if they leave it this long cos we are 'old hat' at this game now? I will definitely be ringing the consultants secretary if the pain I had after the housework happens again....

In the meantime, I wish you both well and fingers crossed for some kind of life after all this, we all deserve it :) x


Hi there, I had significant pelvic endo removed, a cyst on my left ovary, both ovaries were stuck to my womb, bowel tethering and bowel was stuck to my uterus. This was my second lap and I agree I think they just thought we removed everything and she's been here before so she can wait 7 months for a follow up appointment! As for the housework that's now been left for my hubby and son to do but that's stressful watching them as they can't do anything without messing about and fighting, arghhhh!!!

My first lap I was up and about after 2 weeks and back to work after 3 weeks, I just think it depends on what you have had done and our bodies will have changed and so has our age!

Take care X


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