Endometriosis UK Information Day 2013

Endometriosis UK Information Day 2013

Hi everyone,

We wanted to let you all know that Endometriosis UK is holding our next Information Day for patients, family and friends on Saturday 19th October at the Windmill Village Hotel, Coventry.

We've got excellent speakers on surgical and medical treatments, pain management, diet and nutrition, disability and work issues and on the menopause. This is a great way to get a lot of information all at the same time for both you and anyone who supports you. It is also an opportunity to put questions to medical experts and meet other women and share stories.

A few tickets are still available for this event but going fast - £32, or £26 with an early booking discount. (Sorry we have to charge anything but this covers the cost of the venue and food.) A booking form is on our website - endometriosis-uk.org/news.html - or you can email admin@endometriosis-uk.org.

We hope to see you there!

Endometriosis UK

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Are these talks going to be recorded on video and shared on the website at a future date for the benefit of the many who live too far away, are too ill to travel and/or simply cannot afford tickets. travel and accommodation costs?


Hi Impatient & everyone

We are looking in to having the sessions recorded and/or video'd and I am hopeful that we will be able to make these available for free to members of the charity, but there is a cost attached to this so I am trying to work out now how to make this possible. The information on the Endo UK website which is available for free will also be updated as resources allow to reflect any new and additional information that comes out during the event.

We try very hard to get information days like this around the country so that people can try and get to one close to them. Last year these were in North West England and London. This year there has been an information day held in Guildford, Surrey and this one will be in the Midlands. Next year we are hoping to hold one in Edinburgh and we are looking at other locations too.

We also try to keep the cost as low as possible. The price is simply to cover the charge we receive from the venue for lunch and use of the facilities.

Free support is available through local support groups (see the EUK website for details of your local groups) and for those who can't travel we also run virtual support groups via Skype. These are normally held once a month and more details are available again on the EUK website - endometriosis-uk.org. There is also the free helpline - 0808 808 2227 - where trained volunteers are available to listen and talk through any issues. Times vary and can be checked on the website.

Hope this helps to clarify things.



Hi Helen - thanks for the info - as I am in Singapore until May next year I would be extremely grateful for any information you can let me have about the virtual support group via Skype. Thanks so much in advance.



Hi Merlion09

Thanks for the interest. The virtual support groups run on Skype, a web-based tele-conferencing format. There is one group due to take place tonight so please visit our website - endometriosis-uk.org - for more information. You can register your interest through the email there and you will be sent details as to how to join. There are a few steps to get set-up so don't leave it until the last minute, but once set up it is easy to take part.

Hope it is useful.

Best wishes



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