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has anyone had periods with the mirena still in?

hi all

i had a big op 5 months ago to have fibroids and cysts and my ovary removed..i had the mirena coil fitted as a preventative to endo. it worked for about 6 months but the last 2 months i have been having periods..proper ones!! last friday i had a scan to see if it was still there inside me and to my surprise it was in-situ!!! waiting for my gp app to find out what to do next...

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i kept my mirena in for 21 months, i kept a diary of pain and bleeding as it was all over the place, when i looked back over it i realised i actually bled more often than not with it, it never settled for me, my cycle was very erratic and when i wasn't bleeding properly i was always spotting, just how it seems to be for some xx


I have had the mirena coil for 2 years now, and although my periods are lighter, And more erratic i continue to have them. I have also been on norethisterone at 45mg per day, for 3 months, but I still have pain and variable degrees of bleeding or spotting. Nothing seems to stop me bleeding, I even had spotting when on a 6 month course of decapeptyl last year :(


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