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First consultant gynae appointment tomorrow to discuss endo and polycystic ovaries - any advice?

Hi there,

After a long run of cancelled and rescheduled appointments, I am finally seeing a gynae tomorrow to discuss my endo and polycystic ovaries. I've been diagnosed and referred by my fab GP after having blood tests and a scan, and she said she would recommend on my notes that I had a lap (husband and I are desperate to conceive and have been trying for a year with no luck).

Just wondered if any ladies here had any advice about what I should prepare to say to the consultant? I get quite nervous in these situations and have a tendency to forget things that I wanted to say, so wondered if it might be worth jotting down a couple of notes about my symptoms and timings during my cycle, etc.

The thing I'm most afraid of is that he'll look at my records and say there's no need for me to have anything done, but hopefully that won't happen as my GP said that there was quite a lot of internal adhesion visible on my scan, as well as cysts on both ovaries.

Many thanks in advance.

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I always go well armed with paperwork lol. And I have to say they are always grateful. I list my periods for a couple of years and how long they have lasted for as well as how many days in between the start of each period. I also list my symptoms and how they effect me, how long I've had they and if they cyclic e.g. just before period starts etc. I also print off monthly calendars and plot the main symptoms and where my periods are for about the previous 3 mths. Finally, in my case I've not always had issues, so I do a comparison if how my periods were when first started, how were before problems started and how they are now. Oh and I also list any major things like any operations, illnesses, medication, dates of things they might ask for.

It sounds like alot I know but I have a terrible memory and like to know I have everything written down. My consultant commented on my list of symptoms saying that it was interesting that I had pain at the top and then heavy bleeding below it. I think seeing things in black and white helps some doctors to understand the problem better. They also get to keep all the info for looking at when you're not there or at a later date.

As for questions well just ask for all the options and to explain why they want to do certain things. If you've heard of something and it's not mentioned then you can ask about it and whether it would be an option for you. I had trouble getting a laparoscopy until I changed hospitals, which I found very disheartening. So don't be afraid to ask what they think is wrong with you and how they will find out.

I hope everything goes well for you and they get you not only some answers but also a solution.



I do similar - I print off blank outlook diaries and use a highlighter to note bleeding, off work, and pain: that way you can flick thru 6 months worth of symptoms in seconds and have a good view of how things are. I also had a long list of every symptom I had (recorded using the fertility friends app).

To be honest I find just making the effort of going to the appointment with my folder makes them realise how bad things are and they haven't ever really bothered to do anything other than flick through it.

If you are going to see a gyne via a GP referral then 9 times out of 10 it's automatically for a lap so don't worry too much x


Aw thank you so much for your responses - the appointment went really well thankfully, and the Doctor I spoke to was lovely. I think she was newly qualified as she kept nipping out of the room to check things with a senior Dr, who eventually came in and spoke to me anyway.

I had noted down the lengths of my last few cycles and symptoms (thanks for the tips!) which helped a lot.

They said that looking at my scan results and listening to my symptoms it's v likely I have endo and pcos - specifically it looks like my left ovary has a lot of adhesions. They've referred me for a lap, and have said that depending on how that goes they'll give me drugs to stimulate my ovaries afterwards if necessary (or 'give them a kick up the bum' as she phrased it, lol!).

They're also going to do the dye thing, and have asked for my husband to provide a sperm sample to his GP for testing as well, just to rule that out.

They explained that the lap will be mostly diagnostic and that if they find a large amount or some in an awkward area (ie the bowel) they'll have to stop and book me in for another more in-depth one at a later date..

Apparently the waiting time in my area is max 12 weeks, so fingers crossed I'll be on my way to getting this sorted soon.

I will just add that websites like this one are amazing for figuring stuff out and giving advice - even though the Doctors were really nice and helpful, they didn't tell me one thing that I didn't already know or expect from reading other ladies' posts on here :-D

Many thanks again for your replies.



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