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Should i have laser treatment?

I have been diagnosed with endometriosis suffering terribly i had the mirena coil fittes but it feels uncomfotable during sex alot of bleeding on and off and still gettig cramps i have only had it fitted for about 4 months and should let it settle longer but my moods are horrible!! Feel tierd just had blood test and have anemia again!! Should i have coil removed and just ask for the laser treatment or leave it really confused also would laser treatment affect fertility

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Hi sorry to hear what you are going through. Personally I would look for a consultant endo surgeon who can perform excision of endo rather than laser. Laser burns off the endo from the surface whereas excision removes it from the surface and from a deeper layer. There are 2 main surgical treatments for endo, as follows:

Laser: As described above. It is akin to cutting down a weed from the surface but potentially leaving the roots intact under the surface. The weed does not rememerge in the same spot as scar tissue has formed by the laser burn and there can be some relief. Hoever, like weeds, it is possible that any roots of endo under the surface will, over time (and sometimes quite quickly) find a way back up to the surface and form new patches of endo.

Excision: This is by far a better option (although there maybe certain circumstances where a surgeon deems laser preferential but it is usually because they are not skilled in excision). Also, the majority of surgeons who do excision surgery remove patches of endo. This is better than laser as it does remove the roots from the deeper layer and there is less chance of that particular patch of endo re-emerging. Ladies do sometimes find themselves overtime going back again and again for further patches of endo to be removed that had not been visible at the time.

Total Radical Excision: This is where the whole layer of the peritonium is excised thus removing all seen and as yet unseen endo. This has the best outcome of all surgeries as it can mean less trips back for further laps. However, the downside is that it is only a rare few skilled surgeons who can undertake this lengthy surgery.

I would definitely advise you to ask for a referal to a specialist endo centre, if not already, and to ensure that the surgeon you see if capable of carrying out excision surgery rather than laser.

All best wishes x


Thank you i never knew all that the only thing is that i only have mild but it causes so much pain so because its mild does that mean they wont do a procedure like this or that they dont look at me as a sufferer becuase i get so much pain i just feel sorry for thoses who have servere but then i got told that some people can have servere endo and not have the pains and then some can have smallest amounts and be in so much pain is this true becuase if it is surely they would take me into consideration for surgey if im in so much pain


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