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endo and university proving i cldnt perform to my best

im a university student but this yr i failed due to endo i wasn't aware i had it i thought i was being over the top so i sat my exams on dihydracodiene and did my best 2 days after my last exam a laparoscopy showed bowel adhesions endo in my tube so it was completely stuck together and i finally knew i was really unwell my bowel was released and I've been bed ridden with constant uti's since causing me to miss my resist im now attempting to submit mitigating circumstance as i wish to redo this year has anyone had experienced in this i feel as tho nobody will understand how much it has affected me xx

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I am so sorry you're having a difficult time. I know what it's like to struggle with endo whilst also juggling the stresses of university. I have just completed my four year degree and I wanted to tell you that you're not alone in your difficulties. I'm positive that you will be awarded extenuating/ mitigating circumstances- you are after all suffering from a chronic illness. I have had to submit for these a couple of times and have found aslong as i have evidence of appointments/ hospital visits/ medication taken then they are accepted.I know it's difficult at times but look at the positives- you have come this far whilst struggling with endo which is more than some people achieve! You must be a strong woman and even if it takes you longer than anticipated you will get there in the end. I have posted a couple of times about uni and endo but my old username doesn't seem to be working so I'm starting again! One thing that really helped with my daily pain and bloating/swelling was by changing my diet- is this something you've tried? I was really sceptical at first; I thought that if pills didnt work then diet had no chance! However I have been following a restricted diet for a good few months now and feel 100 % better. Whatever treatment you try I sincerely hope that you are feeling well soon and have the strength to continue with your studies X x


Yes i understand Im at college and every time i go its a constant struggle and its hard to even concentrate i had my exams and i was so nervous because i hadn't been able to keep up with the work because of being in pain everyday but surprisingly i passed 2 of my 4 exams and waiting for results for the other exams but im not feeling positive about them ones, if ive failed il have to resit and if i fail that then il retake the year which will be a pain but i refuse to let endo win and if i have to do it over and over again i will.

Just remember you have to be a really clever girl to get to where you have got already and to keep going is a struggle and you still do it because YOUR STRONG! and if you don't do whatever the first time try try again : )

i do understand its hard though but you cant let it win.

i refuse to let it win even when im doubled over in pain


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