hi ladies, after not sleeping a wink and feeling absolutely shattered iv decieded to take hold of my life and not put up with this anymore. im sick of being fobbed off. im really really poorly today, iv used 2 big packs of san towels in less than 24 hrs and i feel drained. im booking into see GP and im going to demand a to see a gyne asap i cant cope with feeling like this anymore.. its getting to the point i think im going to have a break down..i will not let this beat me!! x

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  • I had to basically tell the doctor i wanted mine investigated further she was happy to leave not refer me. Hope you get a good gyno that listens properly and does what is best for you xx

  • thanks for ur support alex. im not leaving his office unti im sorted... im reading for a fight :) xx

  • its hard enough do deal with pains etc without the doctors being a pain and not being helpful. Anytime just send me a msg we can have a moan at each other :) hope youre nearer getting it sorted out xx

  • Hi im gemma, ive been having the same problem for about 2 and half years now! It started when i got the inplant in ive demarnded to see a gyne but mr doctor just says that some women just bleed like that, i do not believe i should not have to go through this everyday feeling like crap i have 2 kids to look after! any suggestions on what i should do? x

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