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Has it work..worried!

Hi all, this is only my 2nd post and am now 3 weeks in from having my ovaries and tubes removed. As I mentioned in last post I had a hysterectomy 6 years ago and the only thing left to take was my ovaries and tubes! I have had some leg pain since the op, and my gynae did tell me that the leg pain may not go away (obviously I was hoping it would!!) however yest I woke with leg pain, pelvic pains ~ the same pain have been suffering from all these years...today I have woken with the same pains again. The only difference at the moment is that it hasn't been in my vagina...yet. Am now really worried that my pain isn't going to go away and have gone through this for nothing. I saw my consultant for my follow up at the beginning of the week. He said he found no endo just adhesions, my left ovary was a lot smaller than my right and other than that things where ok. He said he thinks that there was endo inside my ovaries, he sent them to the lab but the results hadnt come back yet. So am at a loss....if this is the sign of things to come then why the hell am I in pain? I don't understand?? Am fed up today and am trying to think positive but right now if this is the future then I have nothing else to do or remove, meaning I will just have to carry on taking painkillers ~ and suffering. X x x

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Hi Clare

Three weeks still isn't very long in terms of healing - you've probably got all sorts of bruising going on in there, and internal stitches that are healing and pulling probably. They would have been working very close to the nerve endings that were giving you the problems in the first place and those will have been irritated and inflamed.

Is it possible that you've upped your level of activity without realising because you've been feeling better? Even the littlest thing can put your recovery back

I understand why you're concerned but I wouldn't panic just yet. Just take it easy and remember that although the outside scars might be looking good, there's still a lot going on inside that needs handling with care.

Good luck and lots of love

C x


Thanks for response. It's actually only been 2 weeks 2 days, thought it had been longer!! I am tired easily and need to stop doing stuff ~ haven't done any heavy lifting or housework but its the small things we do that prob use muscles that we don't realise. I am sat well lay on the sofa now and told myself I not moving for the rest of the day!!!

I wasmtoldmthe pains in my legs that I have had for years may never go away as could be caused by nerve damage, however when I had them last week was disappointed but just thought that I would see how things went. Because had lower pelvic pain last 2 days and the pain in my Legs was worse, that maybe not worked! Am slightly confused on how long recovery takes. At the hospital told me I could drive after 2 weeks and go back to work, but dr said different, got 3 week sick note and other people on here say can be longer, I know we all different think this 2 week thing made me wonder.took me 8/9 weeks after hyst...so not sure.

Thanks again for responding it's reassuring and you know you aren't in your own. Think that family and friends think we can just get on with things and carry on they not seeing the emotional side of it all and the level of the physical side and pain! X x x


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