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Tea and cake afternoons

After reading some heart felt blogs about how people don't understand what we go through and don't invite us out anymore cause they don't want to here us talk about Endo, I thought it might be a nice idea to set up tea and cake afternoons one a month maybe.

Now I know not all of us are from the same part of the country but that's not to say we can't set them up all round the country.

Me and another lady are in talks of setting one up in Birmingham.

So if there's anyone who would want to know anymore about this please comment or inbox me

Thanks xx

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I would love to come and could get to Birmingham - However I work in a school so could only do weekends or school holidays.

I think this is a great idea: cake and the company of people who understand, what could be better?


Great, well it's still in talks to as soon as I know more ill let you know xx


I would like to go to one, i live in Staffordshire but would drive down and then do a bit of shopping while i am there :) x


Yeah I think it would be beneficial for few people to be able to go somewhere and speak to people going through the same. Soon as I've organised it with the lady I'm in talks with I will post it on here, may be a while yet x


hiya,thats sounds great I live in Kidderminster,so not that far away.


I would definitely go to that and I could get to Birmingham :)


I live in north east - this is a great idea. Any other ladies live near? Message me x thanks


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