Today has been a day of pain coming and going constantly and my back pain is awful. Wish that this specialist appointment was tomorrow and not in 2 weeks there has to be a way of finding help for us ladies soon? We cant keep living like this it's hell for us.

I work with mainly guys and a few girls it's hard to get across what this condition is and how it's effecting me without them thinking I'm making it up.


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  • *hugs*

    its hard if you work mainly with guys... is there a supportive line manager you could approach about this? If you feel the team don;t understand it can make the working environment difficult. I work mainly with women and there have been times where I have felt that people really did not understand how much pain I was in because they have had normal periods etc

    It took alot of me repeating myself for people to start understanding the condition, Luckily my manager knows someone with the condition so HE was really supportive about it.

    The solution to ignorance is education and sometimes you have to be the one to do it xx

    The guys may be receptive... especially if they consider it worth knowing from a "wives/daughters etc" point of view...

    I hope you are feeling better today

  • You poor, poor thing. Where are you in terms of diagnosis/laparoscopy/etc etc?

    Be strong; don't make yourself feel guilty for complaining about being in pain and needing to do things to relieve it and make yourself feel better.

    Pester the hospital and GPs about needing to get your appointment quicker. I actually went to A and E one day in agony, and that sped things up.

    Good luck - we are all here for you.

    Helen x

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