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Decapeptyl-please help!

Hi ladies.. As scheduled on monday morning 8am i went to get my zoladex injection.. When i got there the nurse told me to go home as the gyne hadnt done the script yet (bit annoyed as id travelled 45mins with my 2 young children) so off i went , getting half way home the gyne rang to say the script was ready, so i had to turn around and go back. Anyways i got there to be told by a very rude nurse to turn round and remove my pants as it had to be put into my backside.. She did the injection and when i turned round i seen a decapeptyl box - ?? I was meant to have monthly zoladex injections...id researched it and knew the side effects etc. She told me she'd given me a 3 months worth of decapeptyl that was the script the gyne had given her!! Anyways i was ushered out pronto, no explaination or even a list of side effects or anything!! Really annoyed.. So now my body is doing these wierd things like -one minute im hot the next im freezing, im grumpy then its like iv had 3 energy drinks and my heart starts beating so fast it scares me, headaches , extremely painful stabbing pains in my lower abdomin (hurts so bad im scared this will be it for 3 month?! I wish i never agreed to this. 2 days in and im in agony!! Right now im having palpations and i dont know if this is normal? Please help. Thanks xx

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That's awful that you were given a different injection than you were expecting & had researched! & with no information either.

As far as I can tell they are all very similar, apart from the frequency of injections.

I'm on 3 monthly decaceptyl too (I was told what to expect though!). The first 3 weeks were awful - felt really weird, very grumpy, increased pain & hot flushes, night sweats & freezing!! (I was told to expect a Flare in endo symptoms whilst the body is flooded with hormones before they drop off & that it could last 2-4 weeks)

I googled decapeptyl before my 1st injection & found the patient info leaflet online if you want to read it.

After the 3 weeks my pain went completely, still have the hot flushes, night sweats & freezing ( feel like my temp control is broken!!) & also have pain in my knees occasionally. I also find that I still get tired easily, but it's nothing compared to the pain I was in before & I would rather these symptoms than the pain!! Oh & still a bit grumpy too!!

I hope that this works for you too.

Good luck.



Thanks claire, did u have cramps in leg muscles too? Struggled to walk to school today -feels like iv done 3 hrs at the gym! Wierd. No endo pain today so thats a bonus! I researched that site that u told me and it said see a doctor if ur having palpations?? Only lasts an hour or so .. So im thinking should i just ride it out? Has happened 4-5 times in 3 days so dont know what to do x claire x


Hi angel you poor thing can't believe you were treated like that but as Claire said most injection are similar .im going for my second injection next week .im on the 3 month one to. I won't lie the first month I got the injection was very hard. Hot flash,night sweat broken sleep and very moody but within 3 weeks all my endo pain was gone. I still suffer hot flashes nite sweats so I'm going to ask the consultion for hrt next week at the moment I'm taking evening primrose oil which helps with the moods and black cohosh I tried sage tablet but they had no effect. I also suffer joint pain I guess it's just another side effect call you doctor if palp continue stay strong it will all be worth it in the end x


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