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Is pelvic infection/inflammation related to endo?

Hi I have had endo symptoms for last 12 months now.... Bleeding heavily on periods up to 7/8 days,extream pain, fatigue,bloating,the pain is in my lower left flank and back and over left ovaries most of the time. I have had numerous visits to hospital in severe agony even on maximal dosage of tramadol naproxen and paracetamol. I was told i may have endometriosis snd needed a lap to confirm. I came home from hospital yesterday after spending 3 days for pain management. Oral morphine took the edge off. I was discharged with this to help with pain until mylaparoscopy on Tuesday. The doctor said I had a pelvic infection/inflammation(not from std) I was reassured. As I had swabs taken. I just wondered could this be from the endo.

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Probably, that's what I was diagnosed with years ago before they realised it was endo.


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