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Hey, I'm new to this so bare with me haha ! I'm 20 years old and after a lot of years pain and in and out of hospital I finally got a

Liposcapy and the discovered I had serve endo and cysts, the endo had crushed my folopan tube and left a lot of damage in my womb, but the removed almost it all! 6 months later and I'm still in loads of pain especially when I need the toile and in the night, I'm so tired and mentally drained ! I thought this would stop after op?! What now? I've also been told I will struggle to conceive has anyone else had this problem ! Heeeeelp before I go even more crazy than I am !

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Well if your still in pain I suggest you go back to your gp. You may struggle to conceive but it'll happen when the times right. I'd defo go back the doctors though if I was you. Good luck. Hope you get more answers. X


Iv been back to my gp nearly weekly and up to the hosp 3 times since my op to try and help, I had an internal scan and they discovered I had more cysts but there struggling with what to do as any of the other treatments they would normally do will reduce my chances of conceiving even more . I'm at my wits end and don't know where to turn now x


Are you actually ttc at the moment? If you are then unfortunately you will need to wait until it's been 12 months and you can seek a fertility referral. If you aren't ttc then the mirena coil, tri-cycling contraceptive, of prostap/zolodex can help.

Its about 50% chance that endo will cause conception problems. However, 1 in 5 men will have less than average rated sperm, and 1 in 6 couples have infertility issues (of which half are caused by male fertility issues). Basically what I'm trying to get at is you never know what's around the corner ever, and you can't rule your life around endo.

Good luck honey x


We were ttc but we stopped as I was in far too much pain so took docs advise and went on the mirena coil 7 months ago, this has done nothing! I bleed nearly every day it's useless. Thank you, they little statistics are something to bare in mind, I'm just finding it really hard being so young faced with this all.. And all it seems to be doing is getting worse, I get over one thing then a cyst burst its a nightmare but I'm getting there. Thank you for your advise, it's good to finally find somewhere we can talk about it, people don't understand endo or sympathise at all so thank you


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