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No appetite waking early

Hi ladies sorry don't post very often, after my consultant left and I was fobbed off with someone that didn't listen, I get down bowel cramps feel like my stomach is inflamed I swear it's down to endo as swallowing food is hard when it starts my periods have gone was really heavy 7 days to 2 days of bleeding then stops and starts up for another 10 days but light.

Feel so down no where to turn as my consultant left my gp is useless any help on sleep as I wake up around 4 and can't get back to sleep and I have no appetite any help pls.

I have stage 4 had excision by mr man. 3 yrs ago and because pelvic scan shows no cysts thats it

Hope u are all well as u can sorry to moan but I feel u ladies are only ones that understand xx

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hey pet sounds like your having a rough time. Maybe you should change gp if your not happy with the one you have. You have every right to change. also I'm sorry to say but early morning wakening can be a sign of depression which will make all your other symptoms worse particularly pain. Make an appointment to see the nurse in your surgery. They often have more time to chat then the doctors as there is less pressure on their time and can still prescribe stuff and are more sympathetic.

otherwise have you tried taking kalms?

hope this helps


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